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Aromatic Herbs

Roquette WildAll year roundRegular
French ParsleyAll year roundRegular
Italian ParsleyAll year roundRegular
ChivesAll year roundRegular
Celery brancheAll year roundRegularOn trial
ThymeAll year roundRegularDepends on customer’s interest
OreganoAll year roundRegularDepends on customer’s interest


BrocoliNovember – AprilSeasonalOn trial
CauliflowerNovember – AprilSeasonalOn trial
Cabbage (Curly)November – AprilSeasonalOn trial

Fruit Vegetables

BellpepperAll year roundIrregular
CucumberAll year roundIrregularOn trial
ButternutOctober – DecemberRegular2 kinds
Eggplant (Purple Large)All year roundRegularYes
PotimarronOctober – MarchSeasonal
PotironAll YearSeasonal
TomatoesAll YearSeasonal6 kinds
Tomatoes BlackAll YearSeasonalBlack zebra/black Crimea
Tomatoes CherryAll YearSeasonalBlack cherry and regular
ZucchiniNovember – AprilSeasonalYes
Patisson (gourd)October – MarchSeasonal

Leaves Vegetables

SpinachOctober – MarchSeasonal
Fennel HeadAll year roundRegular
Swiss Chard WhiteDecember – MarchSeasonalOn trial
Green CosAll year roundRegularYes
Green OakAll year roundRegularYes
Red OakAll year roundRegularYes
ButterheadAll year roundRegularYes
Red ButterheadAll year roundRegularYes
Sweet butterhead (Sucrine)All year roundRegularYes
Batavia Pink/GrenobloiseAll year roundRegularYesOn trial
Green BataviaAll year roundRegularYes
FriseeAll year roundRegularYes
RadicchioDecember – MarchRegularYesOn trial
Kale CurlyAll year roundRegular


PeasSeptember – AprilSeasonalOn trial
Snow PeasSeptember – AprilSeasonalOn trial
Beans French BabySeptember – AprilSeasonal
Beans FrenchAll year roundIrregular


Onion LeekAll year roundRegular
Spring Onions (Ishikura)All year roundRegular

Root Vegetables

BeetrootAll year roundRegularYes
Beetroot MulticolorAll year roundIrregularYesYellow/Multicolor
Beetroot ChioggaAll year roundRegularYes
Carrot StandardAll year roundRegularYes
Carrot Mixed colorAll year roundIrregularYesPurple/Yellow/Mix/White
ParsnipNovember – AprilIrregularYes
Radish PinkAll year roundRegularYesFlamboyant/Sora
Radish BlackAll year roundIrregularYes
Radish BlueAll year roundIrregularYes
Radish DaikonAll year roundRegularYes
Radish Red MeatAll year roundIrregularYes
Radish GreenAll year roundIrregularYes
RutabagaWinterIrregularYesOn trial
Turnip PurpleAll year roundRegularYes
Turnip Golden BallNovember – AprilIrregularYes
Turnip KohlrabiNovember – AprilIrregularYes