We are thrilled to announce that our farms are growing the largest variety of organic products in Thailand. We are passionate about sustainable and organic farming practices, and we take pride in producing the freshest and healthiest crops.

Together with our partner farm we will be growing, as of October, over 60 varieties of vegetables and herbs, meaning close to 100 different products. Some of our fruits are unique, hard to grow and hard to find. We are dedicated to bringing you a diverse range of fresh and healthy products.

Our farms follow strict organic farming guidelines to ensure that our crops are free from harmful pesticides, chemicals, and other synthetic additives. We also believe in promoting biodiversity and soil health by rotating our crops and using natural fertilizers.

As we are already preparing the next winter season, we are excited to announce our lineup of organic vegetables that will be available starting in October (VIEW PRODUCT LIST HERE). Thanks for taking up the time to inform us about the products you may be interested in. Your feedback will help us tailor our products to your preferences and provide you with a better availability.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainable and organic farming, and we believe that it is essential to promote a healthier lifestyle for both our customers and the environment. We will continue to work hard to expand our range of organic products and to maintain our high standards of quality and freshness.

Thank you for supporting and promoting sustainable and organic farming practices.

Best regards,
Uraiwan’s Organic Farm