The growing conditions for veggies in Chiang Mai are now ideal and our production is moving at full speed. Therefore plenty of products are available just waiting for you to order. Sales have increased during the last two months thanks to our existing and new customers. In addition to our current list of products the following trials are being conducted and products should be gradually available for testing as of the middle of January.

  • Cauliflower
  • Round eggplant
  • Celery branch
  • Round zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Green radish
  • Watermelon radish
  • Kohlrabi
  • Yellow beetroot
  • New kinds of tomatoes

We will not update our current price list until April 1st, 2021 keeping the same price level for the last two years.

The delivery for X’Mas and New Year are as follows:

  • Chiang Mai / Krabi – December 22nd, 24th and 29th, January 5th
  • Bangkok – December 23rd, 25th and 30th, January 6th

You may always contact us in case of emergency and we will do the utmost to meet your requirements.

Merry X’Mas and a Happy New Year.